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Overhead cranes

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The company offers overhead cranes with a wide range of lifting accessories. All devices are designed for a variety of industries. Depending on your needs, we are offering automatic, magnetic, grab and bucket as well as tandem overhead cranes. By cooperating with our specialists you will find the best solution for the best price and fastest delivery (offer includes all production stages as designing, manufacturing, delivery, installation, service and maintenance).



We directly cooperate with the biggest European hoist manufacturers. Our specialists adapt the overhead cranes and hoists to the clients individual requirements, taking into consideration the specifics of work.



Company KRAN-SUW offers stationary, post, tower, specialized and other types of cranes for a wide range of industries and variety applications.



Lifting electromagnets are used for harvest and handling of bulk materials as well as variety of steel and iron products such as metal plates, scrap metal of all kinds, metal shavings etc. Our offer includes a wide range of magnets for lifting materials in different size, weight and capacity. Lifting magnets are designed for tough industrial product handling which requires a high magnetic permeability as well as high-quality castings. To get additional information and specifications, please contact us.


Grabs and buckets

Company KRAN-SUW also offers various kinds of grabs and buckets for overhead cranes and cranes. The offer includes hydraulic, electric, rope and other grabs. Grabs and buckets are designed for handling waste and other materials such as sand, coal, gravel, wood etc.

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